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Right near the end of the fight, you will lose the ability to use magic and the Shadowlord will be on the opposite side of the area with a damage circle on him. P-33 is the large bipedal robot with the shade on its head you fight during the second trip into the Junk Heap in Part Two. NieR can come back to at any time to upgrade his weapon. Continue fighting the wolves until a cutscene begins. The next doors will contain a fight sequence. The Wild Boar Shade won't be far behind. A black scrawl disease and strange beasts threaten the world. Destroy the crates in your way. You can fight it basically the same as regular boars, continually dash behind it, and hit it from the back while shooting with Weiss. This time, there will be Shades in the way. After the mine cart track, take the door on the right. Then, you need to create Peach Moonflower Seeds by splicing Red and Gold Moonflowers together. Yoko, Saito and Okabe returned to their previous roles. Breaking the rules or getting hit by the magic orbs in these rooms would also cause an immediate reset of the room. I am a being of incalculable importance, and yet you approach me as a common cockroach. Nier Gestalt would be released for the Xbox 360, featuring the adult lead as in the international release for both platforms , while Nier Replicant, for the PlayStation 3, would feature the young lead. Second Chamber This is where NieR will first see the Prince. Seafront Shaman Fish NieR will want to ask around for information on where to retrieve the , but the only person you need to speak to is the old by the pier. The player can also turn the camera around the characters, which allows for a 360° view of the surroundings. Defeat Grimoire Rubrum to obtain the last. The Little Mermaid You defeated Louise within five minutes. Head through the next set of doors to the next transitional hall. You can check what words you have unlocked and your total percentage in the pause menu. Enter through the next set of doors and there will be a mailbox save point down the stairs. » Village Handyman You completed 10 quests. The Desert will be inhabited by and the occasional poisonous. This subreddit is curated for quality. Replicant sold over 121,000 copies in Japan by the end of May 2010, and ended the year with over 134,000 copies sold. There will be sections of the fight divided by the cutscenes. Shade Wild Boar The is a morphed combination of all the little Shade. There will small cutscene and he will start to make his way up. Answer: It cannot be Alpha, because then Gamma will still hold some truth to his statement. The route is explored from the perspective of Kainé, who continues to have nightmares after the protagonist disappears and a feeling that she has lost something precious; she goes to the Forest of Myth after hearing about the presence of shades there. This trophy is awarded when you obtain all of the sealed verses in Part One of the story. I don't need someone else's body. This trophy is awarded when you reach a 100-hit combo for the first time. Speed up to avoid them or slow down the cart if you want to take your time to clear them. WA Keycard If you try to exit through the next set of doors, the doors will be locked and Shades will start appearing. I will grant you one final chance. I just finished automata, and absolutely adored it. The stories between the two are basically the same if you happened to play the original, just with minor dialogue differences and relationship establishments due to the different main character ages. Once they are killed, harvest their bodies to retrieve either wool or mutton. You will find Kalil sitting atop P-33's head throughout their battle. While traveling the player is frequently attacked by monsters, which include shadowy figures called Shades, large animals, and robots. The Book of Legend Grimoire Weiss joined your party. It serves as an introduction to the newly armored and the now obtainable , and. The localizations for the game—in English, French, and German—were produced during development so that all of the versions could be released at the same time, and so that Cavia and Square Enix could solicit feedback from North America and Europe on the game so that it would appeal to players outside Japan. Nier was designed to have gameplay that would appeal to players outside of Japan, where Cavia is based; additionally, the Gestalt version of the game has an older main character for the same reason. He will reward NieR with the one-handed sword,. Exit through the doors and there will be a mailbox save point at the end of the hallway. There are a total of 15 types of fish in Nier Replicant. This will trigger a cutscene introducing the premise of this game. He will tell NieR to fish by the beach. The main cart rail path is also equipped with turrets and flying defense drones. Turn back and cross the long suspension bridge. Beating the game the first time will get your Ending A of course, but there are still four more to earn in the game. Ending C and D both require the Weapons Collector Achievement where every weapon in the game must be attained before this ending is unlocked. Nier was the last game that Cavia made; the company was absorbed into its parent company, , in July 2010. The three-dimensional world is divided into areas separated by loading screens, and the player can move freely throughout these areas by walking, running, jumping, and climbing ladders. Popola will send him to to retrieve a that is said to have painkilling medicinal properties. Sometimes you can catch a sighting of the wolves' pack leader, the Shade Wolf,. Kainé will return to her regular self and a door at the altar will open up. The King will greet you and introduce you to his bride who turns out to be. It was intended to be for the due to the lessening importance of the , which Drakengard 2 had been made for. It also featured an appearance and role for the father protagonist used in the original Western release. But also the massive 180 when shit hit the fan as soon as ending 3 started So yea, since its a remaster of an older game, does it match up to automata? Defeat Hook, and NieR will obtain another Sealed Verse. And as soon as I do, you need to stab her in the heart. You will obtain the one-handed sword, from it. Magic attacks will also keep her from attacking. The set of doors behind the NA doors will open up to a bunch more Shades NieR will need to clear. Return to Popola with the Herbs. Refer to the for more information on. You can also choose to go ahead and take the mine cart across. Act II Village This next part occurs after a time jump of five years. Speaking to the advisor before you leave will grand NieR access to the sandspouts located around the for faster travel. Then clear the robots and the turrets in the next rooms. The fusion of different gameplay styles was included as a homage to earlier gameplay styles and genres. Driven to protect his Yonah, he was the first Gestalt and has combined her with the Replicant Yonah. If you believe it was done in error please contact the modteam. Continue till you reach a ladder. Grow some more Peach Seeds, then splice the Pink and Peach Seeds together and pray a Lunar Tear grows. The trophy will pop while you are still on the boar after 5 minutes have elapsed. This will also be an opportune time to activate more Act II. Memory Tree Forest of Myth Speak to the in the. Additional cutscenes are also shown, giving the motivations and backstory behind the Shade bosses that are fought and showing them as sentient people trying to defend their friends against the protagonist. Shooting magic at her tentacles will make no effect. Their arrival will trigger the fight. Your daughter, your friends… Everyone in your life will forget about you. Fyra will provide at the entrance just before you enter. A Round by the Pond You caught one of every type of fish. Reviewers criticized the graphics, with Ryan Clements of saying that "one of Nier's greatest flaws is its visuals," while 's Kevin VanOrd bemoaned the "flavorless visuals" and "lifeless environments". Continue to use Dark Lance on her eye until she repositions. Exceptions to rules, while rare, are made on a case by case basis by moderators. Shadowlord's Castle Lost Shrine All the have been collected, Act II Side should be done, so finally, speak to Popola then head to the. Reform Specialist You upgraded 15 weapons to their maximum level. The rest of the crates will be empty. Discover the one-of-a-kind prequel of the critically-acclaimed masterpiece NieR:Automata. Extreme infractions of rules may lead to a ban without a first warning. Legendary Gardener You successfully cultivated the legendary flower. It includes 5 new trophies, with 2 being related to the new story content, 1 being for a new ending, 1 being for completing the Recycled Vessel once, and one more miscellaneous trophy. The entrance is located in the courtyard. Kaine has been temporarily taken over by her shade and jumps around the room, shooting orbs at you. Some doors will also be blocked and inaccessible, the game will feature them as the tutorial 'breakable fences'. Devola and Popola Boss fight finally provide an explanation of what their purpose is and who they are and initiate another fight action sequence. Fans who play for secrets will find themselves coming back to Nier Replicant time and time again. Someday, I'll find a clue that will lead me to the Shadowlord. Use magic for ranged attacks when too far, and try to get close enough for melee attacks, because they are just as effective. He will give you a new weapon as well as the B2 passcode in order to retrieve the to upgrade your new weapon,. The fight starts out with a large number of normal wolves jumping into the area and attacking you, with Roc sitting on a ledge unable to be damage. Bait can be bought from a few stores, notably the Tackle Shop in Seafront. Interact with the portal at the alter to open the path. The Mellow Companion Emil joined your party. Exit the chamber and turn to your left. You should also see some related content below. Continue through the next doors and jump down on the sinking block platforms to get to the next room. This is in the northeastern corner of the sandstorm area down a set of stairs. Clear each room of them to move on. This is the only boss speedrun trophy that you specifically need to be on NG++ to complete, because after Ending B and running through Part Two of the story the boss fight changes. Weapons Collector You found every weapon. The discovery of her illness concludes the prologue Act I Introduction Village The main story begins in NieR's home with. The characters were redrawn by , Toshiyuki Itahana, and Kimihiko Fujisaka; all three had contributed to the Drakengard and Nier series, and were brought in at Yoko's request. If your comment suddenly disappears, it might have broken one of the rules. Tower Staircase The next door will lead to a spiral staircase up. Use the same path back to report back to Popola. Move inwards and it will pan to the location of the. The combat redesign was supervised by Takahisa Taura of , who had worked on the sequel to Nier. Man of Means You accumulated 1,000,000 pieces of gold. This trophy is awarded when you upgrade ANY 33 weapons in the game to their maximum level. I ask: Why did humans disappear from the world? According to Yoko, "we weren't really in the red, but it wasn't exactly a success either". The thing is, when I saw Replicant in the store I automatically assumed it was a sequel since it came out this year. Sacrifice Speak to after collecting the other four. Other than changing the protagonists appearance and modifying a few lines of dialogue to fit with him being a father rather than a brother to Yonah, the developers made no changes between the two versions; it was initially believed that the older protagonist was the character's original design. Upgrading weapons requires a large number of materials, with a large amount of grinding required to obtain them all. Continue striking him until the last Attack Gauge appears. You speak to a man in the shopping area, who has you go and kill a boar in the Northern Plains. Finish him off to trigger the next cutscene. Protagonist: Look, someone sent a letter to my daughter. She will show you a cryptic letter full of "dreams" from the of the. The missable things in this version of the game are Lightspeed Fighter for finishing the game NG to Ending A in under 15 hours of game time and The Sheep Whisperer for killing 100 sheep. Northern Plains Exploring the can be saved for later, as this location will be visited plenty of times. Depending on your game knowledge you could also still complete all side quests in Part One of the story, then rush to Ending A in Part Two skipping everything, and be done under 15 hours. The player can also use magic spells, which require enough energy from a constantly regenerating amount to cast. It is accessible through the towards the northwest. Fish on the beach until NieR catches a Shaman Fish. Quillen said that the plot "takes some fascinating and truly original turns" and that Nier has "a supporting cast of genuinely interesting folks," and Schilling said that the story made the game "difficult to dislike". Simply having the chance of growing a White Moonflower is a days long process without manipulating the internal clock with extremely low RNG. Release You freed Kainé from her petrification. Yonah's original Japanese name was derived from the Biblical name : this could not be taken verbatim into its localized form due to the name being associated with a man, so the name was changed to "Yonah". The doors will be locked and there will be another horde of Shades to clear. It will turn out Jakob already knew about her secret lover. The soundtrack album reached number 24 on the Japanese Oricon music charts, and remained on the charts for 11 weeks. Go to the Library and speak to Popola. The boss fight starts out with you being attacked by a number of waves or weak shades, while Gretel holds up a shield between waves of shooting fireballs at you. Proceed through the Village and it will trigger a cutscene for the sequence Hook will have the same attack sequences as the first encounter, except this time he will be repositioning from time to time around The Aerie. Now, if you want to save your precious Kainé… There are two ways to do it. Each Shade is a twisted remnant of what was once a human being. Soul Crusher You defeated Devola and Popola within three and a half minutes. Continue with the same fighting methods, and halfway through its HP bar, Spears will come out of nowhere and pierce the Shade. All of her melee attacks can be parried, and when countered this does a lot of damage. Shahriyar is a guardian made up of the temple blocks. The over all progression is Very grindy, if you think route B is a bit of a slog to get through in Automata, you've seen nothing yet. Clearing the Wild Boar Shade once will replenish his HP and he will be fully rejuvenated with a set of armor. Jack's climb and is inevitable. Go through the same route to Grimoire Weiss's chamber. No hostile or aggressive comments. The mailbox save point will be unavailable for the moment. The next destination would be to head to. Boss of the Junk Heap You defeated P-33 within four and a half minutes. Once NieR crosses the bridge climb the last ladder towards the Chief's hut. During , will also be introduced one by one for trial. Permission Granted You drove off Devola and Popola within three minutes. They are the timed attack targets that must be prioritized during combat. Some of the cut scenes are very awkward. This fight is different from the first in that you are only fighting one of the twins at a time, with Devola being first. However, as the project evolved, the original ideas were reworked and the game eventually became a spin-off from the main series. The will also offer a number of. A mobile game, , produced by Applibot, with Yoshida returning to design the characters, was released on February 18, 2021. On Route C onwards, Nier should be strong enough where Dark Lance can actually net you an early kill. The book has relatively little health in comparison to other bosses, so this fight is most easily done just chasing it around and meleeing it as quickly as you can. The arranged album reached number 59 on the Oricon music charts, a position it held for a week. She will reveal a new letter from the Village. Towards the higher levels, the Shades that ambush you in rooms must be cleared to open the next set of doors. The twin guardian statues, , will trigger a sequence. The Shade possessing her volunteers to leave, and they continue to fight. In term of pure story, I gave it to Replicant, but everything else is to Automata. Now with a modern upgrade, experience masterfully revived visuals, a fascinating storyline, and more! Skipping all cutscenes and ignoring all side quests during a playthrough you can easily finish it in 5 — 6 hours, with the world record time for the original being around 3 hours. Village Speak to who will be singing at the fountain, then speak to for more information on the song she is singing. She will be seated by the fountain and singing. Defeat him first then unlock the upper right northeast room with the YA Keycard. She will also ask Nier to purchase three medicinal Herbs from the client. Save and prepare for the upcoming sequence. Then, there will be a document to examine next to the doors to the left. Clear the Shade orbs to progress to the next sequence. RELATED: The hidden secrets in range from extra weapons, to brand new scenes, and even old side quests that were hard to find the first time around. The Southern Plains will lead to one other location other than Seafront, but the mansion will have no available activities yet at this point of the story. The Shadowlord is very mobile, and you will want to purposely dodge some of its attacks to save yourself time. There will be a hidden beach closer to the lighthouse. The would also allow NieR to gain access to Boar controls which would allow him to mount Wild Boars and cross the Plains much faster. This is the location you need to fish for the rhizodont. This will open up to one final corridor with a mailbox save point. The protagonist had two voice actors; Zach Aguilar voiced the younger version, while voiced the older version after the time skip. He will be just as unwelcoming and unhelpful as all the other villagers of The Aerie.。

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